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Senator Mike Crapo’s View On Politics Senator Mike Crapo has some very distinct ideas about how to make our country better. Senator Mike Crapo in particular wants to share his ideas about reducing the amount of people who commit suicide in Idaho. Apparently, suicide is a bit of an issue in the demographic of veterans in the state of Idaho. There are always things that can be done to protect the mental health of veterans, and Senator Mike Crapo has a plan to put into place. When people aren’t free to talk about things there tends to be a lot of unknown going around, so Senator Mike Crapo sees the first step as discussing suicide and how to prevent it in a way that will create a more natural conversation around the issue.
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The problem for many veterans who suffer from depression and suicidal feelings is that they don’t know where to go or who to talk to when they have these thought, so Senator Mike Crapo wants to create a safe haven for them so they won’t have to deal with that added concern. There is a lot of fear of being found out over mental health concerns, which can prevent people from getting the help that they need.
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For a veteran this concern grows even higher because when they are evaluated they might lose their ability to bear arms which is a part of who they are. The next step in offering them help would be making sure that the system that is in place will actually be able to help them. When the programs aren’t actually helpful to them it doesn’t make sense for them to ask for help. When you look at the numbers the rates of veteran suicides can be quite alarming, as some studies suggest that the numbers are as high as 22 suicides every single day. That seems extremely unnecessary and it isn’t very supportive of the veterans who do so much for the country. Combat veterans frequently experience post traumatic stress disorder, which can also include suicidal ideation which makes them more likely to actually go through with it. Veterans are far less likely than other groups to ask for help even when they desperately need it. Senator Mike Crapo wants to make it clear that there is work to be done on the matter and that it is a necessary change to put in place. Not doing something about the issue clearly has not worked thus far, so there are plans to be put into effect. Hopefully the people will be listening to the ideas of Senator Mike Crapo.