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Credentials of a Good Lawyer

A lawyer is an individual trained about law and uses this knowledge to handle cases submitted by clients in a court of law. The duties of a lawyer vary with legal jurisdictions across the countries in the world. Different countries have different names to those who practice law and also the duties vary among nations. Due to this, the responsibilities of a lawyer are generally stated. Below are some of those roles carried out by lawyers among countries.

One is arguing the client’s case in court. The client uses the knowledge and experience of a lawyer to defend interests or facts through legal means. Also, the lawyer functions in drafting court papers before an oral argument. This involves putting into writing the overview of the case with detailed information from research and pieces of evidence.

Administrative law requires handling of critical legal challenges and lawyers in some countries, mainly the developed ones, also serve this responsibility. This allows specialization to this field for some of the lawyers. Lawyers also involve in client counseling and intake. Here, the lawyer needs to know the client’s personal life in order to gather facts for the cases one submits. This enables the lawyer to prepare defenses and claims for the case at hand. This explains the necessity for a good rapport between the client and the lawyer. It is through this relationship that the lawyer gets the opportunity to explain the fees to the client.

Another important role of lawyers is giving legal advice. Its success is characterized by the application of stipulated abstracts of law to the case that determines what the client does next. Clients can be an individual or a corporation. Firms or organizations will need legal safety of intellectual property. The lawyer, therefore, registers these intellectual properties with the government agency which in return protects them according to the law.

The lawyer ensures that transactional law is applied during negotiations and also that contracts happen as planned.

Conveyancing is crucial during exchange of property after purchase and sale procedures. It concerns the production of legal documents that are signed by those exchanging property. A lawyer is needed for preparing such papers, and this role differs from country to country.

Prosecution and defense procedures are conducted by attorney especially in civil law countries. A prosecutor has additional training apart from that of lawyer. A prosecutor must not be a lawyer so as to be a prosecutor in some countries.

Experience has earned lawyers who have handled cases before the ability to foresee the probable ending of the case.

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