Understand The Rules in The Works

  1. Forms of Employment Contract

For foreign workers in Japan, basically allowed to work in Japan only in the duration of stay. Whenever the duration of stay expires, must be reprocessed. For the cost of the problem you need not worry, because you can get tips on the loan rules.

Therefore, the recruiters (companies) there are times when hiring “contract workers” by adjusting the period of residence (as opposed to permanent workers, this is the designation for a worker who has a limited service life.

There are also cases where after getting a job in Japan within a certain period, was rehired as a permanent employee in the company’s home country. If you like that, then there are times when income is derived as tailored to the standard wage in the country. At work, check carefully the form of work in the future.

  1. Career (type of job / work experience)

Because many foreign workers who have higher awareness and a clear plan on (career pass), as well as many think to get results in a short period of time. Therefore, when the reality content of the work that has been established is not in line with expectations, at worst will stop working

Because many Japanese companies tend principled conduct workforce training in the long term, it is important to fully understand the (principle) strategy of the company personnel, both before and after the work is accepted.

  1. The rules in the sphere of Work

Many specific points in the corporate culture of Japan, such as how the process works and time management. For example, if in Japan, understand the details upon receipt and fill the contents of a job while continuing the work, but because workers foreigners do not know it and work based on the manual, there are times when problems arise

Foreign workers would clarify the scope of work himself and have no restrictions (my work up here), but that in Japan, there are times when the work exceeds the limit the scope of the work themselves and cooperate with everyone in order to achieve the targets

Since the rules like these vary depending on the company, it must be understood as doing the daily work. In addition there are rules that must be obeyed, if cold worked with fun in the workplace. Like appearance, sapa-greet, polite language and way calling.

A small misunderstanding could lead to mistakes or misunderstandings great, so if there who do not understand, ask to be taught to understand it well.

  1. Hold Secrets

There is also a request (hold the secret agreement) on the person who would know the information is not for publication, as it will hold the secrets of the company (such as information about the production of new, proprietary technology, information finasial and others).

Many look at occupations that high expertise, is no exception foreign workers.

  1. Privacy Protection

For the company, not just customer data and HR data but are required to use and manage various types of personal information appropriately and securely.

When at work associated with these things, should always be careful and seek to prevent leakage.

  1. Bring Passport and Other Identity

There are cases where those recruiters (companies) save the workers’ passports or cards residennya stranger to renew when the time runs out. But it is not true, because the resident card and passport, the immigration laws required to carry it. So be sure to bring and keep it with himself.

  1. Obligation Report

When the status of residence as foreign students or foreign workers out of school or a company, it is obliged to do “a report on the agency contract” within 14 days. Do it immediately by post or submit their own. And for those who recruit was required to conduct “the report reception settler short or long period of time”.

  1. In The Event of Related Changes Status Live, Immediate Report to the Bureau of Immigration.

Change the contents of activities and if it will engage in activities that are included in other resident status, then immediately register at the immigration bureau. And if it does not engage in activities that are included in the stay-owned status at the time, for more than three consecutive months, the residence status will be revoked and become illegal residents.