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Additional Means of Using Kitchen Mixers

Numerous homeowners think that kitchen mixers are redundant appliances in modern kitchens. Nevertheless, there are some who have learned ways of using the appliances from their love of making food. Here are 6 top approaches of using kitchen mixers in modern kitchens.

Shredding cooked meat, especially tender chicken is one of the most exciting things you can do with your mixer. In addition to saving you time; you also get to cutback on energy expenditure. The best way to do it is with your flat beater attachment, while your chicken is still warm. Shred the chicken for about a minute while the appliance is at speed 2.

If you are making pizza or any other form of dough, there is no reason to tire yourself out if you own a hand mixer at home. Hand-kneading is tough, especially for someone who has spent the day in a busy environment. A dough hook is essential during the process if you desire an excellent outcome. When it comes to speed, set it to medium-low if the dough is somehow dry, but ensure to increase it if it is wet. The process should take about 8 to 10 minutes.
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Homeowners have come to realize that they can do away with the big and clunky potato mashers if they have hand mixers in their kitchens. You can make mash potatoes with your mixer, a process that’s very easy. Place a couple of potatoes and your favorite ingredients and turn on your hand mixer. Due to the fluffy texture of the mixture, millions of homeowners have now come to perceive their hand mixers as indispensable kitchen appliances. Great results are possible, especially when using the wire mixer attachment due to the ease of its cleaning.
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Make the smoothest ever guacamole with your kitchen mixer. The job is best done with a flat beater attachment. Hand mixers are, particularly useful if you have a large number of people to serve dinner or if you’ve had a tiring day because of the large number of avocados needed.

For lovers of homemade butter, there is good news for those who own kitchen mixers. Making it with your hands is quite laborious and time-consuming. What’s more, you have complete control over the consistency of the butter and the amount of salt that goes into its making.

Finally, make a point of collecting as many mixer attachments as you can find since you will always find something to do with each. A pasta maker, meat grinder, ravioli maker, sausage maker, and an ice cream churner are some of the exciting attachments for a modern kitchen.